Cathartic EP


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Recorded by Jordon Chatten
Mixed by Ghostship Recordings


released January 28, 2016



all rights reserved



BEING is Downtempo Deathcore band, based out of Ontario, Canada.

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Track Name: Sinister
Death around you, it's over your fucking shoulders
I've been trying to find it but I wither older
I owe you one last kiss
In this world of ignorance there's bliss

I'm watching everyone leave, more for the list of the deceased,
I'm finding it hard to grieve In this life of selection
It's not me who is in the wrong - this world is!
I cannot live with you or without you
I cannot live a bitter life where are you
Death almighty death
Track Name: Cathartic
My fingers on the bench, centipedes in my ear
I'm a worthless, nervous wreck and I am tired of living in fear
I don't want to eat anymore, I don't want to breathe at all
I can't be saved!
Counting backwards from the thousands I try to keep myself sane,
Run away, run away!
Digging into my own flesh reaping grief, people die so easily
In this world the strong devour the weak, to live is to eat others humanity
It's been weighing on my mind for quite some time now, if a bastard son could ever feel proud
Because all I ever knew how to do was to fucking drown
Track Name: Infectious
Shot down, down from the sky, clipped of our wings, and of our dreams
The innocent are tainted by consumption, corruption
"Crooked political schemes"
Why should we be tormented
By false gods
And objects of diversion
Exonerate the worthy, eradicate the filthy
Track Name: Vermin
We are the end of the world
destroying the world to rid the disease known as the human race
Let this be a sermon of defamation
Stirring madness among the land

Whispering murderous prophecies

Bury the vermin, bury the vermin,
Bury the corpses by the billions,
Bury the fucking vermin

Infested lands, parched from all of you fucking rats.
Yellow bellied fools blinded by bigotry stemmed from greed,
You'll all bleed, you're going to bleed