The Awakening EP


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released January 3, 2015

Instruments Recorded by Jordon Chatten
Vocals Recorded by Devlin's Audio Workshop
Mixed by Jordon Chatten



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BEING is Downtempo Deathcore band, based out of Ontario, Canada.

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Track Name: Planetary Devastation
Ire upon the fucking Earth, assembling from across the sky. Rest assured there will be nothing left, for after all there is only I. There is only me, one.

Bow down and proclaim me as your true heir, fall to your knees subjugate to me.

With this world as my vassal, I shall bring upon order, I shall bring upon reign. To providence once again, with serpents.

I bathe in the blood of my enemies, tides of crimson casualties. Pushing and pulling in crevices, evicerating everything.

Some say that this is tantamount to genocide, I say this is a step forward. The cleansing. The ending. Evicerating, evicerating everything.

Dabs of thickles in the minds of cattle. Thoughts swimming in nothingness. Weeds of apathy towards mankind. My name is aversion. Planetary Devastation. One last calamity to bring upon completion of purity. I fell nothing but odium towards this futile, fucking existence.
Track Name: The OMEGA (ft. Evan Sennuck of Continent)
Goddess of my intrepid earth
undaunted by decrepit flowers
one not yet tainted
a deity of hope

oh great lady epicentre
of this pigs eye
free me of that which leaves me still
unground me evermore

rooting like parasites
a catalyst for collapse
this pigs eye is the overseer of destruction of many

An ancient of the garden
Tampering the balance with ore
A final fantasy

(Evan Sennuck)
Alpha the headless queen,
feed her to the worms,
feed her to chaos.

Goddess of my intrepid earth
Lady epicentre
Free me evermore